Mindset Liberia's President-Sam and V. President-B.D. are visiting Liberia again in the month of September to follow up on efforts and projects that have been halted due to the global pandemic. 

Currently we have a container that just arrived and another on its way to Liberia with supplies for students at Greater Love Academy, My Brother's Keeper, and a brand new initiative in Bomi County called the Ralph Gahagan Memorial Project. 

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Raising the standard of education is one of our top priorities! We believe that students shouldn't be limited by a lack of resources; therefore, our efforts remain steadfast with Greater Love Academy as we finalize the building of a new library and after-school program.

Our partnership with the orphanage My Brother's Keeper involves a different type of educational upgrade, agriculture. We have partnered with the Ralph Gahagan Memorial Project to bring agricultural programs and practices the school can eventually monetize and then educate others in the community through. 

Ralph Gahagan was a beloved coach and youth advocate who helped acquire land in Bomi County, Liberia for an educational institution that serves children unable to afford public school. As a way to honor his legacy, the Ralph Gahagan Memorial Project, and ensure the educational, medical, and building supplies are delivered; Sam and B.D. have partnered with Ralph's family and friends to oversee and further implement the school and agricultural program deliverables. 

Those who wish to continue donating to these efforts can follow the link below:

Click Here to Donate to the Ralph Gahagan Memorial Fund