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Mindset Liberia's Sam and B.D. have returned from their visit to Liberia in September 2021 with a lot of excitement about the three ongoing project there.

After visiting our partners at Greater Love Academy, My Brother's Keeper, and the Total Child Care Initiative School System, we are proud to see our partners implementing projects successfully. Read on for more about each of our partnerships and projects!

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Greater Love Academy (GLA) is a school in a low-income community outside of the capital of Monrovia. On our most recent trip, we were able to witness them utilizing the library that we helped to build! Now our focus is on improving the resources of the school, and creating an educational program for area teachers to raise the standard of education in the country.


My Brother's Keeper (MBK) is an orphanage and school that has worked to protect, support and educate disadvantaged children ravaged by the impacts of Liberia's civil war. Our projects are focused around helping them maximize the use of the resources they already have and to build the capacity of the orphanage to not only become self-sustainable, but to continue providing support for the local community and beyond.

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