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Greater Love Academy is a low-income school in Barnesville, Liberia lead by the passionate Reverend Kangba and his wife. This amazing duo has been providing educational needs to their community by ensuring school fees aren’t an issue. Sacrificing their own income to cover operational costs Rev. Kangba and his wife rely on his salary as an educating professional to teachers all over Liberia. 


Our goals to best support these deserving leaders are to first aid in providing basic needs, supplies, and funding for teacher’s salaries. With these needs and expenses covered we can help Kangba develop and monetize teaching programs through Greater Love Academy that generates revenue and raises the standard of education in the surrounding community.

Greater Love Academy

Project 1: Continuing Education

Due to the inability of many parents being able to afford school fees (free public education is nonexistent), Greater Love Academy is unable to pay teachers regularly. As you can imagine, this puts an incredible strain on teachers and means they often must miss class to take jobs required to feed themselves and their families. Our goal is to supplement these budget shortfalls so that GLA can retain the quality educators required to raise the next generation of Liberian leaders.

Bong County Liberia Orphanage students.jpg
Bong County Liberia Orphanage students.jpg

Project 2: Desk Upgrades

The benches being used by students are falling apart and in disrepair. During our visit in September 2021, we estimated the need for approximately 75 desks. We can re-purpose the wood from their old benches to use in making new desks for the students, which a local contractor in Paynseville is estimating at $15 each.

Project 3:

Educational  Teacher Seminars

Rev. Kangba has lead numerous educational seminars that assist preparing teachers for the upcoming school year. We would like to support his desire to host a seminar covering topics such as lesson-planning, catering to students with learning disabilities, interactive learning methods, and much more in a week-long seminar.

Bong County Liberia Orphanage students.jpg

Partnership began in 2019


Donated school supplies to fill library, arranged securing of room, supplied building materials and tools to keep library secure


Due to scarce funding for children's school fees, parents are willing to trade services for the cost of tuition if able


Current Fundraising Goal= $1125


Staff Number: 6 teachers, 1 janitor, 2 leaders (principal and trainer, assistant principal)


Students: (k-6th) 111, (6th and up) 11 students. After 6th grade, if the students have made it this far academically, they are often taken out of school to help family businesses or begin working to support the family. The number of children attending school after 5th-6th grade declines drastically


Volunteers: 7 (U.S. and Liberia)

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