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Partnership started in 2021



Inspiring the next generation of young minds to be leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs, while proactively developing their communities with the vision of a higher quality of life.



To support community development through integrated educational practices in the underserved region of Virginia, Liberia.


Current Fundraising Goal= $6500



Work with local community leaders to develop a K-6 school that exceeds current Liberian Educational standards. By doing this we are providing an opportunity to educate those who otherwise would not be attending or have access to education. One of our goals while building this curriculum is to develop an agricultural training center that will aid in providing food for children and families through income generating projects.



15 (in the U.S., Liberia, and South Africa)

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Total Childcare Initiative School System began in 2005 when the founder Hawa, established Oru Refugee Camp in Ogun State, Nigeria. The initiative's efforts were recognized by the Liberian Ministry of Education in 2007 when it received its accreditation


Hawa travelled to Hot Springs North Carolina and shared her vision for TCCISS with the Hot Springs and Spring Creek Community. The communities quickly became involved with a project they call Community to Community, focused on aiding Hawa's efforts as global neighbors.

2021-Present Day

TCCISS community meets Mindset Liberia. Mindset Liberia helps with facilitation, planning, coordinating, and logistical efforts to prep, secure, and develop the land. Collaboration evolves as international team meets and organizes further development of school and agriculture program.


2010 Hawa meets Rebecca in Bomi County, Liberia. Hawa working locally as a midwife at Tubmanburg Hospital and Rebecca on a medical mission aiding the hospital. 


The community came together with the help of Ralph Gahagan's Memorial Fund to purchase land in Virginia, Liberia for the new school.

Necessary steps for the international team to successfully build the TCCISS school and agriculture program benefitting low-income communities in Virginia, Liberia:

  1. Security apparatus and team for property

  2. Drilling of well for school and community use

  3. Training locals to properly cultivate, and maximize productivity to provide an additional source of income toward building the school

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