My Brother's Keeper

Ralph Galego and his team have been taking care of orphans and at-risk youth in Liberia since 1997. This orphanage and school in Careysburg provides a home and educational opportunities for abandoned and low-income children in the community. Our goal is to help them optimize operations and maximize organic resources to become self-sufficient and provide sustainable services to the surrounding area.

Well Restoration

 Our team is working to get a pre-existing, industrial well back into working condition that will not only supply the orphanage and school with clean water, but can also present commercial monetization opportunities for the orphanage.

The School

MBK serves the local community beyond the children living on-site, to help support the fundamental costs of the orphanage. The children within the community who attend school at My Brother's Keeper have faced difficulties in affording tuition, resulting in a budget shortfall for the 2021-2022 school year. Our goal is to help them solidify a budget, support their teachers, and help provide a stimulating learning environment for the children.


Computer Lab

MBK has been blessed with a few donations to build a computer lab, but needs assistance starting and maintaining it. Our desire is to help create a an education program that will be a primary center for computer literacy in the community, as well as an additional source of income for the orphanage. For this program to become a reality our team needs to do the following:

  1.  Finish building the lab

  2. Staff a computer science teacher

  3. Support the associated utility and technical costs 


Our goal is to help train MBK to become conscious stewards of the land while simultaneously producing their own food through sustainable agricultural practices. We aim to support the development of available resources by:

  1. Sourcing proper agricultural tools and viable seeds

  2.  Selecting the area and preparing the land

  3. Training staff and providing technical support and oversight

  4. Building on successes, replicating best practices, and expanding our efforts